Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies are here!

How can you say no to Girl Scout Cookies? A few weeks ago one of my fellow Chamber staff member's daughter made the rounds. Even though I had already bought way too many boxes from my niece, I couldn't find it in me to say no.

Here come the cookies!

Here is an press release excerpt from the Girl Scouts of Western North Carolina Pisgah Council:
“When you buy a box of Girl Scout Cookies, you know you are getting a great tasting product and you are supporting the premier leadership program for girls,” Molly Keeney, chief executive officer of Girl Scouts of Western North Carolina Pisgah Council said. “Like all Girl Scout programs, cookie sale activities are girl-driven. Girls make their own decisions and run the sale with the help of adult volunteers. Cookies are one of the reasons why Girl Scouting is so successful at building leadership.”

Girl Scout Cookies are sold door to door in western North Carolina from Friday, Jan. 2 through Saturday, Feb. 14. Through the spring, Girl Scout troops will be selling cookies at booths set up in areas such as department stores and shopping centers. If you wish to purchase cookies and have not been called on by Feb. 1, look for cookie booths in your community (posted on the council’s Web site at or call Girl Scouts of Western North Carolina Pisgah Council toll-free at 800-522-6280 to be connected with a local troop.

Girl Scout Cookies have long been a major fund-raiser for girls and their troops across the region, and is an integral part of Girl Scouting’s business and economic literacy initiative for girls ages 5-17. The program provides finance, marketing and public speaking skills as well as valuable experiences that develop girls’ personal leadership style.

Through the Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program, girls manage inventory, set goals, learn money management and develop marketing skills. For more information on Girl Scout Cookies, visit our website at or call us Tamara Blankenship at 800-522-6280.

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Anonymous said...

Not only are the cookies delicious, which we all know, but they really are the best source of funding for this organization. It's not a grant or endowment, but good hard work that produces results (along with bulding awareness of the organization). Keep buying 'em and don't worry about the calories!