Friday, June 30, 2017

Strategies to build more networks and acheive success

There has never been a better time for women to succeed. Everything in our society is pointing for women to get involved, take charge and reach a new level of leadership.

During the June 29th WomanUP event, speaker Meridith Elliott Powell talked about the opportunities for women to succeed and strategies to get there.

Studies show that companies that engage women in variety of roles and leadership outperform their competitors in many ways - innovation, client loyalty, profitability and more.

As Meridith shared, women-owned businesses employ more than 19 million people and are growing at 2x the national average.

There is great opportunity for women and great need for the talents women bring to the table, Meridith said, challenging women professionals to reach for success - however they define it for themselves.

"For every obstacle you face, instead think, 'Where's the opportunity?'"

Meridith went on to share these tips and strategies:

  • Focus on your strengths to propel yourself forward.
  • Build your network.
  • Approach building connections by focusing on the other person. Adapt your energy and style to match their's. Are they high-energy? More reserved? Task or people oriented? "You don't have to get it right. You just need to focus on other people. When you do your energy shifts. You will be more relaxed and so will the other person."
  • Set yourself a goal before networking events such as talking with two people.
  • Lead the conversation with open-ended questions. 
  • "Building your network is not a task. It is a lifestyle." Make it part of your everyday actions and make connections long before or even if ever you need something from them.
Meridith concluded the program saying, "If each and everyone of us is vested in the success of others, we will lift the entire community, country and world up."

Legislative Update: June 30th

Asheville Chamber Vice President of Public Policy sums up recent legislative activity in Raleigh

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks, so I wanted to make sure our members stayed well informed about developments from Raleigh. I just got back last night from there, and it has been an interesting, busy time, as they are trying to wrap up this long session by the end of the week. I will try to remain as concise as possible about the most important bills and updates, as it relates to Asheville and area businesses:
  • “Brunch bill”  - Really termed the ABC Omnibus Bill, because it affects a lot of regulatory issues and cleans up some Prohibition-era mechanisms, is better known for allowing alcohol sales at 10 am on Sundays. This bill has passed both chambers of the General Assembly and will allow local restaurants, breweries, grocery stores, etc. to serve alcohol on Sundays starting at 10 am. The last step will be for the County or City to pass an ordinance to allow those sales locally (NOTE: if the County passes an ordinance, the City can just adopt it by resolution; if not, the City would have to pass a separate ordinance). The Asheville Chamber is excited about this opportunity for our local businesses to reap the benefits of this new law and hopes local officials will act swiftly on this prospect. The Chamber would also like to recognize the efforts of Rep. Chuck McGrady, who had his original bill stripped down, but fought back to get language beneficial to a larger group of area businesses passed. We would also like to recognize our entire local delegation who voted in favor or sponsored some version of the bill! 
  • Asheville Districts On the floor Thursday for its final reading, and presumably for final approval, is the bill that will order City Council to draw districts in the City of Asheville by November 1, 2017. Thanks to an amendment from Rep. Brian Turner, City Council will be asked to appoint an independent commission (the first of its kind) to do the map drawing, with the hopes of drawing the 6 districts in a fair, even, unbiased way. The Mayor will still be elected citywide. All signs point to it becoming a reality this afternoon, but I will let you all know if it does not pass for some reason. 
  • Economic Incentive Modifications - Now under the bill # S 660, this bill seeks to revamp and reconfigure the Tier system used statewide for doling out incentive dollars from the Dept. of Commerce. The original bill was very detrimental to Buncombe and other Tier 3 counties, but the new version seeks to right a lot of wrongs, without punishing areas that are doing well. This bill includes a provision that would untangle the use of the Tier system from other funding programs not related to economic commerce incentives (There’s a recent trend to use the tiers to determine who gets pre-K funding, subsidies, nonprofit grants and even spay and neuter program assistance!). The Asheville Chamber has been at the table as this bill has changed and supports the current version of the bill. We may see it on the floor by tomorrow, but it may not occur this session at all. Stay tuned… 
  • Workers’ Comp reforms - Please see an update on recent State Supreme Court ruling affecting Workers’ Comp reforms of 2011 from the NC Chamber: 
    • A recent ruling from the North Carolina Supreme Court unravels the balanced workers’ compensation reforms achieved in 2011. Instituting the most dramatic changes to workers’ compensation since the 1980’s, this decision comes as a major blow to the business community. Not only will this ruling cultivate a system hindered by gridlock, but it will also force costs to skyrocket. The State of North Carolina’s insurance fund alone will have to pay more than $20 million per year due to these changes.
    • The 2011 workers’ compensation reforms restored balance in a no-fault system, made sure workers received timely access to benefits, and drove costs down. Sadly, this ruling expands liability and obliterates those changes, turning the negotiated workers’ compensation reform on its head.
    • The repercussions of this ruling will be crippling to the business community as the 2011 reforms are undone. Our team is already hard at work fighting to secure a legislative fix to this ruling and will not stop until one is achieved. If you’re ready to join the fight, please add your business to this coalition of organizations and businesses strongly urging the General Assembly to correct the decision swiftly.
    • We are monitoring these changes closely and trying to help achieve a legislative fix…

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Duck Donuts now hiring for all positions

Job Description: 

Join the DUCK DONUTS Asheville NC team! This is a fast paced and fun atmosphere where all team members must be detail-oriented, energetic, and positive. All team members must provide the highest customer service at “All” times. 
They are now hiring for all positions & shifts (Full & Part-Time). Previous experience is not required. Team members will be trained in all areas of the business: Back of house/Preparation, Barista, Cashier, Donut Maker and Donut Topper.
Located at 182 Merrimon Avenue, Unit #2.

Friday Staffing promotes Deborah Pressley to Chief Operating Officer

Deborah Pressley, who joined Friday Staffing Services in 1989, has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer, Vice President. In her new position, she assumes all daily operational duties and responsibilities of all divisions and branches of Friday's.

"This appointment is most deserving, given Deborah's long-term achievements and efforts on behalf of Friday Staffing Services and all of their partner-customers in the Friday Staffing world," says David Modaff, Friday's chief executive officer and president. "Not only is she well respected within the Asheville market for her professionalism and accomplishments, Deborah is well respected within the staffing industry. I am confident she will lead Friday's to a higher level of achievement and success."

Habitat ReStore announces 6th annual ReUse Contest

For the sixth consecutive year, the Asheville Habitat ReStore at 31 Meadow Road near Biltmore Village is encouraging residents to show off their creativity and talent for a chance to win the ReStore ReUse Contest. Garden shed, artist studio, chicken coop…tree house, dog house, playhouse…if you recently built a structure like this using predominantly reused building materials, Habitat wants to know. The contest runs July 1-August 31 and submissions must be sent electronically. Information and entry form will be available on starting July 1st.

The purpose of the contest is to showcase innovative building projects constructed predominantly of used building materials. “Our customers often tell us about the projects they make using materials purchased at the ReStore. This contest is a great way to showcase their projects and inspire others to reuse, recycle and repurpose usable building materials and supplies,” said Scott Stetson, ReStore General Manager.

Five judges will select winners in the following categories: Best in Show, Furniture, Homesteading, Live/Work Space, and the new categories of Home D├ęcor and Youth (age 16 and under).

Past projects have been diverse and included everything from kitchen islands, fences, raised garden beds, and pallet furniture to dog houses, little free libraries, and tiny homes. To see photos from the 2016 contest, click here.

Avadim showcases topical muscle nutrition therapies at National Athletic Trainers' Association Expo

PHUEL Recognized by Athletic Trainers and Leading Clinicians To 
Train Harder & Recover Faster

Avadim Technologies Inc. (“Avadim”), the Bionome TherapiesTM life sciences company, today announced that the company will showcase its topical muscle nutrition therapy product, “PHUEL”, at the 68th National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) Clinical Symposia & AT Expo, the world’s premier exhibition in sports medicine, on June 26-29 in Houston, Texas. The brand will host some of the nation’s top clinicians, and visitors to booth #9077. This year’s symposia is expected to bring the largest display of athletic training supplies and services under one roof - more than any other trade show in the country - with over 300 exhibitors and thousands of athletic trainers.

“We are excited to showcase our innovative muscle nutrition therapies with the help of the country’s leading clinicians at this year’s NATA Clinical Symposia,” said Steve Woody, Chairman and CEO of Avadim Technologies. “Unlike other topical therapies that provide a superficial heating or cooling effect like those containing menthol, our products are the first of their kind to optimize muscle function and assist in muscle recovery. Nearly 60 NCAA programs and professional teams like the Washington Capitals, Tampa Bay Rays, and New York Knicks currently depend on our solutions to optimize muscle recovery - and we’re looking forward to building our relationship with more of the nation’s most prestigious athletic trainers.”

PHUEL is a non-toxic, topical muscle nutrition therapy designed to relieve training-associated discomfort like muscle tightness and delayed-onset muscle soreness. Currently used to support rehabilitation for sports injuries and much more, PHUEL has been clinically studied by some of the most prestigious university sports medicine institutions to confirm its evidence in overall muscle performance and has demonstrated to provide a quick response with a very low risk. Highly recognized as a game-changer by athletic industry leaders for its high optimal muscle performance, PHUEL is available without a prescription and comes in an easy-to-use topical foam, actuated spray, or saturated towel. It is also total body safe, non-systemic - and is recommended to be applied only where needed.

Avadim Technologies’ on-site demonstrations will be led by some of the leading industry professionals in physical therapy and sports medicine. If you’re interested in an on-site demonstration of PHUEL, or would like to review clinical research on the effects of PHUEL on muscle recovery, delayed onset muscle soreness, and exertion, please visit booth #9077 at the NATA Clinical Symposia & AT Expo, in Houston, Texas on June 26-29. For more information on Avadim Technologies Inc. and its line of therapies, please visit, like PHUEL on Facebook at or follow PHUEL on Instagram and Twitter at @phuelyou.