Monday, June 1, 2009

Adopt a Cat Month and Photo Contest

Two great yet serious announcements from teh Asheville Humaine Society. June apparently brings lots of cats to the Humaine Society so they are waving pet adoption fees on cats 9 months or older. They are also organizing a cat photo contest, so get out that camera.

Feline Frenzy: June is Adopt-a-Cat Month at AHS
Adoption fees waived in June for cats 9 months and older

May 28, 2009 ---- It’s that time again; spring and summer, when Asheville Humane Society (AHS) becomes inundated with kittens. Kittens are usually born in the warmer months of the year. When owners neglect to spay or neuter their cats, the resulting litters are often surrendered to the AHS shelter.

“We’ve been reviewing our 2008 statistics and were astounded to see that our intake of cats and kittens more than tripled in June of last year compared to how many we received in January,” says Shelly Moore, president and CEO of AHS. “This clearly demonstrates what an impact it has on the community when you don’t spay or neuter your pets. In fact, it’s so important to adopt cats in the summer that we are waiving our adoption fees on cats nine months and older in June.”

In addition to waiving adoption fees on cats nine months and older, AHS is bringing attention to the swelling numbers of felines at the shelter, by holding an Adopt-A-Cat Month Photo Contest. The winner of the contest will serve as ‘spokescat’ for next year’s Adopt-A-Cat month. For more information on the contest such as rules and photo submission deadlines, and to learn how you can adopt a cat, visit:

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