Monday, April 6, 2009

Luella's big move

Looks like Luella's is packing up the smoker and moving to North Asheville! After just celebrating their two year anniversary in South Asheville, Luella's is making plans to move to 501 Merrimon Avenue (formerly Gusmo’s Mojo CafĂ© and Boston Pizza).

Updates on the progress of construction will be posted on the Luella’s Bar-B-Que facebook page.

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Anonymous said...

i have been a very loyal luellas fan and i am shock to see any negative reviews. i think the food has only gotten better. the ribs are way more tender than before (my fav). my husband is in love with their new smoked wings that he eats them easily once a week. after reading other reviews i can only think they you people A) would not know good food if it didnt come from a drive thru window or B) have never really eaten there at all. i tell all my friends about this place. and i have never heard one negative thought. but on a lighter note. the staff is great, the food is out of this world. and i think i will be eating lunch tomorrow! pork royale here i come!!!