Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Meet your Travel Companion

If our membership is one thing it is certainly diverse. A few weeks back we had a new member join that made me sit up and take notice. The member was Travel Companion, LLC, a one women show by Joyce Woodard. Now, I had never heard of a travel companion before and luckily I had the chance to meet Joyce at our new member orientation this past week and learn more about what she does.

It sounds like a fun concept:
  1. Assures safe travel for families, children, seniors and the disabled, whether travelling to or from Asheville.
  2. Experienced travel companion at your side is great because you will always have someone to talk to or consult. Travelling with a companion has the advantage of sharing food, accommodations, et cetera.
  3. Caretaking services as well, such as house and pet sitting.
  4. For visitors to the Asheville area I can pickup them up at the airport and take them to to their hotel.
Learn a little more about Joyce and read some references at joycewoodard.com.

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