Wednesday, July 29, 2009

When the Closet and Office Meet...

The Erin and Greg Mosher of Closet Tailors have purchased Office Environments. Both Office Environments and Closet Tailors are very active Chamber members, together this will make one powerful combination in the Asheville community.

Office Environments of Asheville will transition ownership from Nina and Chris Young to Erin and Greg Mosher effective August 1st. The Moshers are current owners of Closet Tailors of Asheville.

“As important to us as the business background of the Moshers, is the fact that they share our philosophies regarding customers, employees, and community involvement,” said Chris Young.

“Erin and Greg are a talented, impressive husband/wife team,” said Nina Young, “Erin’s background in the office furniture industry, and Greg’s experience across many industries will help Office Environments continue growing.”

In its 25th year of operation in Western North Carolina, Office Environments provides performance-based solutions for the commercial office furniture and flooring markets.

“We’re very excited to be joining the Office Environment’s team,” said Erin Mosher, who will serve as president of the company. Greg Mosher commented that “the Young’s have built a company on a foundation of great employees, and giving back to the community, we hope to carry on that legacy.”

Chris and Nina Young will join their son, Brian, and his team in their newly named business, Clean Environments. Clean Environments will provide commercial carpet and upholstery maintenance utilizing the MilliCare dry cleaning method, will offer SaniGlaze ceramic tile and grout restoration, as well as janitorial services.

Office Environments has earned a reputation for giving back to the community through its owner and employee involvement in community related organizations and projects.

Office Environments has been creating innovative workspaces since 1984 and has remained a market leader in every area they service. With a rich history of growth and customer satisfaction they have been recognized as a Steelcase Exemplary Performance Dealer, a Milliken Vision Award Winner, The Asheville Chamber of Commerce Small Business Leader of the Year and The Outstanding Business in Philanthropy in the Asheville area.

Office Environments is a woman-owned business, and a HUB (Historically Underutilized Business) designated organization. They currently employ 45 people and operate out of a 36,000 square foot facility in East Asheville, NC, located at 1070 Tunnel Road, Asheville, NC, 28805.

The company represents Steelcase, Turnstone, National, HON, and others in the commercial office furniture market. In the commercial flooring market they represent Milliken, Shaw, Lees, Mohawk, Mannington, Armstrong, and others. All product and service portfolios focus on helping the customer make best use of their existing assets with complementary services offered to help extend the life of those assets.

More information is available on the company website at, or by contacting Greg Mosher at 828-299-3300,


Suman said...

I really enjoyed it what u have post in your blog :)

Closets - Closet Systems said...
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Anonymous said...

As a freelance writer and translator, I spend a lot of time sitting at my desk, typing. I finally decided to get a good chair and went to Office Environment. I thought I bought a good chair, but it turned out there's a big difference between briefly sitting on a chair in a showroom and sitting on a chair for a few hours in a home-office.
When I contacted OE they didn't care that I am just a one-person office, they kept exchanging chairs until I gave up trying to find a chair that was comfortable for me. And they immediately refunded my money.
Even though I didn't manage to find a chair that fit me, OE still treated me very professionally. Even, though, again, I'm just a one-person outfit.
Groeneveld, Asheville

Joe from the best home business said...

I wish my boss could read this. The office I work in is desperately in need of a revamp but the boss doesn't see the connection between office furniture and personnel output. I think I may send this to him.

Ann from network marketing tools said...

I am not sure if I should be happy when companies merge. Is it a win-win situation when a larger company merge with a smaller company? Who won bigger time with the two?

As an employee who's company was bought by another company and after 2 years was merged with a bigger company, I personally believe that the two transitions were not in favor of the employees. Our new company today is worst. Some benefits were removed. I hope that the Closet Tailors and Office Environments will be successful in the Asheville community. Plus, the employees should have a better life because of the buy out.

Kelley the Flooring Gal said...

Nice collection of flooring products you have available. Would love to see some pictures of some offices that your group has worked on some time.

Graham the Tile and Grout Cleaning Guy said...

As a small business, it's vitally important to treat large customers and small customers the same. It sounds like OE has this nailed. Very impressive! We're a small business that has the same philosophy and it's great to see others out there doing the same.

Gregory Office Chairs said...

I wish my boss could read this. The office I work in is desperately in need of a revamp but the boss doesn't see the connection between office furniture and personnel output. I think I may send this to him.