Thursday, August 20, 2009

Llamas Invade Maggie Valley Club!

Maggie Valley Club receives some huge publicity, NBC Nightly News, for the new Llama Caddy program that recently started.

Here is the press release:
Starting next Thursday, August 20th , golfers will be able to have a llama be their caddy at Maggie Valley Club. Llamas and their handlers from will be available for afternoon tee times with golfers. Golfers will walk the course with their llama caddy. Each llama will have a handler with it who will attend to any needs of the llama throughout the 18 holes.

Llamas are South American animals related to camels that have been used as pack animals as far back as the Incan empire. Llamas are great on the golf course because instead of regular hooves, llamas have soft pads on their feet which do not tear up the delicate grass on the course. The llamas can each carry 2 sets of golf clubs. is located in Brevard, NC. The llamas of are currently working with Sherwood Forest Country Club and now Maggie Valley Club. has been featured on BBC News and this past Sunday was seen on the NBC Nightly News after the PGA Championship. In addition to golf caddies, also books special events and children’s parties.

The llama rounds will happen every Thursday at 5 pm now through October 29th. Rounds of golf will include 9 holes and cost $70 plus tax. The number of llamas is limited and they will ONLY be available on Thursday afternoons. Please call the Maggie Valley Club Pro Shop at 828-926-6013 to schedule your round!

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