Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cancer Centers of North Carolina-Asheville Wins Big for Inspirational Campaign

“No Mountain Too High” campaign, created by US Oncology, edges out stiff competition in the country’s largest medical marketing award contest

Cancer Centers of North Carolina-Asheville (CCNC-A), an affiliate of US Oncology, Inc. the nation’s leading integrated oncology company, took home numerous honors at the 27th Annual Healthcare Marketing Report Awards Competition. Out of 4,000 entries, CCNC-A’s “No Mountain Too High” campaign won 3rd overall (Bronze) in the total advertising campaign without television category. The motivational and artistic campaign also won Bronze in Radio and a Merit in the Outdoor/Transit category.

“We’re truly proud of this campaign because it showcases a positive and uplifting message of hope for all cancer patients no matter their age or stage in life,” said Gary Bien, practice administrator with CCNC-A. “It shows patients that there are oncology practices that care and want to motivate them throughout their treatment. Even if a cancer diagnosis seems impossible to overcome, we want to let patients know there is no mountain too high that we, together, can’t conquer.”

CCNC-A’s “No Mountain Too High” campaign was created by the Practice Growth Resource Center (PGRC) of US Oncology and consisted of radio, print and billboards, as well as Cancer Awareness Calendars, direct mail and collateral materials. The advertisements denote the recently launched US Oncology branding campaign, “United in Healing with US Oncology.” US Oncology unites the nation’s largest cancer treatment and research network to bring high-quality, evidence-based treatment to cancer patients in communities where they live and work.

The “No Mountain Too High” campaign focuses on cancer survivors who found life beyond cancer. One example of a poster in the campaign is an image of a man jogging and a tagline stating “John was diagnosed with cancer 829 miles ago.”

“The message is clear: With the right kind of cancer care, patients can move on with their lives,” said Bien. “Cancer survivors know every day and every moment is precious. We understand the physical and emotional challenges of this disease. With the assets and resources we receive from US Oncology, we can provide the treatment and personal support to help patients have more of those precious moments. We are committed to patients and their families, and together there is No Mountain Too High.”

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