Wednesday, May 19, 2010

“From Field to Folly” by Karen Weihs at Black Bird Frame and Art

“From Field to Folly”
Opening Reception on Friday, May 21st, 6 – 9 pm at BlackBird Frame & Art

How do you capture the perfect moment in nature, when the clouds are moving and the light is changing so quickly? Plein air artist Karen Weihs has embraced that challenge for most of her adult life. To paint “en plein air”, or “in the open air” is a painting process that gained popularity in the 1870’s and now has more followers than ever. Even her abstracted landscapes that are produced in the studio come from smaller painted studies of light and color in the field.

Karen Weihs is a professional painter and a teacher who professes to learn more from her students than they can take from her workshops. A native of Charleston, South Carolina she has taught color theory and oil painting throughout the United States and even a number of workshops in Europe. In 1999 she authored her first book, Out of My Mind: Life lessons as an Oil Painter. Weihs’ knowledge of the oil medium is especially apparent in her distinctive paintings, which integrate bold yet muted pigments and powerful compositions. With precise command of the oil’s chemistry and texture, Weihs conjures an atmosphere of otherworldly light and fluid color. For the last four years Karen and her husband Chris have happily called Asheville home and she is now one of our most prominent artists.

“From Field to Folly” is a celebration of Karen’s return to her roots and a new body of work direct from the field, combined with other relevant paintings from the studio with just a touch of folly. From traditional impressionism to contemporary abstract, Weihs is turning out the best work of her career. Join Karen on Friday evening for a special night of wine, refreshments, and live music.

BlackBird’s gallery located at 365 Merrimon Avenue features the work of 25 local painters and artisans in diverse media and styles. Gallery manager Phil DeAngelo is dedicated to showcasing the rich local talent that abounds in this area. “Karen has a wonderful way of inventing her own reality on canvas. Her mastery of color and texture constantly amaze me.”

BlackBird Frame & Art is an independent art gallery and custom frame studio owned by Pat and John Horrocks and located at 365 Merrimon Avenue in Asheville.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Philip DeAngelo at BlackBird Frame & Art, 828-252-6036 or

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