Tuesday, February 5, 2013

North Carolina General Assembly Update

The North Carolina General Assembly was back in action Monday, February 4 and Western North Carolina legislatures spent the day making the long commute to get to Jones St.. To this point, the Chamber is very thankful for all the hours and miles traveled by our WNC legislatures to represent the Western part of the state in Raleigh. The Asheville Chamber wishes you all safe travels for this long session.


The House and Senate convened at 7 p.m. Monday night to kick off this week’s work. Both chambers heard and voted on contentious pieces of legislation. The House took up a vote on H.B. 4 (Unemployment Insurance Bill) and tentatively passed the legislation. The vote did see some party crossover with four Democrats voting with Republicans to pass the legislation (Representatives Brisson, Farmer-Butterfield, Goodman, and Tine) and three Republicans voting against the legislation with the Democrat camp (Representatives Bumgardner, Hastings, and Wells).

The House will have their final reading and vote on H.B. 4 Tues. Feb 5.

The Senate was also in the building and took up a vote on S.B. 4, which would block the expansion of Medicaid under provision of the Affordable Care Act. The vote tentatively passed on party lines despite the fact that Republican Governor McCrory urged the Senate to slow down the vote. Governor McCrory would like additional study on the fiscal ramifications of the bill before action is taken at the legislature.

The Senate will also take up the final reading and vote on S.B. 4 Tues. Feb 5.

The Asheville Chamber is working to represent the voice of Western North Carolina business in Raleigh. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at jjoyce@ashevillechamber.org.

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