Friday, February 22, 2013

Sexual harassment training for businesses - March 20th

Wednesday March 20th
AB Tech Enka Campus – Haynes Conference Center
9:00 – 12:00 (8:30 networking light breakfast)
$35/SHRM members      $45/non-SHRM members

Sexual harassment is the most commonly reported form of harassment in the workplace.  Managers and supervisors must be aware of the sexual harassment laws, be able to identify and address reports of sexual harassment, and implement preventative measures to protect the employer from liability. While this sounds like a simple task, it can quickly become complicated with dozens of "what if" scenarios and questions of legal implications and best practices.

The goal of this workshop is to educate managers and supervisors on laws related to sexual harassment, suggest preventative measures to protect employers from liability and train managers and supervisors to better identify and response to complaints of sexual harassment.  
This interactive workshop will train managers, supervisors, and other Human Resource professionals in the following areas:
·         State and federal laws, rules, and regulations on sexual harassment;
·         Identifying the types and forms of sexual harassment;
·         Employers' duties in conducting timely and appropriate investigations;
·         Examples of corrective action to take;
·         Remedies for the victim(s) of sexual harassment;
·         Practical strategies for preventing sexual harassment in the workplace;
·         Analysis of scenarios to develop the skills necessary to respond to cases of sexual harassment, as well as the skills to identify which preventative measures would have been helpful.

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