Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Conundrum to premiere Horrendous Holiday Hubbub for kids

Immersive experience venue, The Conundrum, is featuring a holiday puzzle adventure for kids ages 8 - 14 and their families.

Escape rooms have been gaining in popularity in the US since 2014. Puzzle adventures are a kid friendly, story-driven alternative.

The Horrendous Holiday Hubbub features a locally written story: The infamous paper tycoon, Frank Falkirk, has a tradition of inviting the children of Asheville to his famous mansion for christmas. He also has a tradition of giving them truly horrible gifts. The staff suspects nothing different this year and has invited children and their families to come a few days early and figure out what the horrible gift will be this year.

The Conundrum draws from the talents of local writers, actors, and game designers to create their adventures. “The puzzles are designed not only to be fun, but also educational,”  says Skyler Goff, writer and designer of the Horrendous Holiday Hubbub. “Using my experience with the common core curriculum, I have developed puzzles that will build on one another and encourage families to spend an hour engaged with one another rather than tuned out.”

“We’re excited to showcase all the creativity we’ve put toward creating an unforgettable experience for kids and families.” Says, Shawn Verbrugghe, owner of the Conundrum. “This is the perfect  way to create holiday memories together.”

The Conundrum is a collection of immersive experiences under one roof. Local actors, comedians, game designers, and cocktail crafters come together to inspire guests to be their playful, creative selves. The Conundrum is currently featuring escape adventures and Le Wine Noir, a wine tasting in complete darkness! You can find more information at www.entertheconundrum.com.

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