Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crowne Plaza Renovations

If you’ve been to Crowne Plaza lately, you’ve probably noticed that there are lots of changes going on. The golf course is being re-worked, there are new tennis courts in place (both indoors and outdoors) and there is a great new conference space. And when we say conference space, we mean 16,600 square feet. The entire back wall is full of windows, with views of the resort and mountains. They have plans to cover the 2,500 square foot veranda which would be a gorgeous setting for any event. Other amenities they showed us were the green room for speakers or performers, a great registration area with coat room, and the built-in audio visual equipment with recessed screens. We were very impressed! While we were there, one of the first events was happening and the staff was doing an incredible job with the event. They’re not quite sure how many folks the room can accommodate yet, but we guessed around 900 banquet style.


Anonymous said...

If you think this is amazing you should see what is going on at Biltmore Park with the restaurants, the movie theatre, and that HUGE Hilton hotel that is going in. I heard it is LEED certified, which is exactly what Asheville needs. I drove through this weekend to go to PF Changs and was just blown away by how much is there. What an innovative company to build a mixed-use development utilizing such little land, but producing such an amazing community. I can not wait to see the finished product!

AshevilleChamber said...

Yes Biltmore Park is very impressive. We interviewed Jack Cecil about the project late last year, see what he had to say at: http://blog.ashevillechamber.org/2008/12/biltmore-park-town-square-vision.html

Anonymous said...

What I am impressed about at the Crowne Plaza is that you can still see trees, rolling hills and everything is budding out now. How beautiful it will be when things really turn green! The veranda on the back of the expo center will be absolutely wonderful for weddings, receptions, outdoor events since I've heard it will have a roof over it. If you haven't seen or played on the new tennis courts, they look great too!