Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Four Seasons to host free seminar on hospice care - July 29th

Learn About the Hospice Care-giving Experience at Four Seasons Seminar The free event, “Busting the Myth on Hospice: the Who, What, When and How of Hospice Care Giving,” shares ways hospice care giving benefits individuals and families.
If you’re interested in learning about the hospice care-giving experience, then you may wish to attend the free, open forum discussion, “Busting the Myth on Hospice: the Who, What, When and How of Hospice Care giving,” sponsored by Four Seasons Compassion for Life, Flat Rock, on noon, Tuesday, July 29, at Henderson County Public Library.

An open discussion format will cover a range of experiences and perspectives related to care giving. Moderator Dot Moyer, chairman of the Four Seasons Board of Directors, will lead the discussion with co-presenters Joyce Mason, a registered nurse and director of Four Seasons’ Elizabeth House, and experienced caregivers and volunteers Heather Stepp and Gail Walter.

The presentation is for current caregivers as well as those who believe that they may become caregivers at a future time.

“If you anticipate you’re going to be in that care-giving role, then come, because having the information early is going to be really helpful,” says Mason.

Attendees will be able to ask any questions related to the various services Four Seasons provides in the home, in extended care facilities, or at Elizabeth House.

“We’ll share how referrals are made and how to access care,” says Mason, who will answer questions which are medically specific. “For example, the ways families can contact Four Seasons, and we can get the order from the physician to see the patient.”

Together, the team will debunk the myth that hospice is only available when a loved one is dying of cancer. Instead, anyone who has a loved one facing end of life can make the call. As experienced caregivers and volunteers, Stepp and Walter will speak to those issues that only other caregivers with that perspective can understand and address.

“Sometimes, you don’t know anyone else in the same situation,” says Mason of those in caregivers’ roles. “You may wish to ask a question you didn’t want to ask of anyone else. Perhaps it seems insignificant or unimportant.”

In those cases, asking those persons who have walked the walk can be powerful. And caregivers need to know that kind of support is available.
“The open forum format really allows us to address the specific questions of the audience, rather than simply guess what the audience wants to know,” says Mason. “We’re going to be open and candid and answer the questions audience members really have.”

“Busting the Myth on Hospice: the Who, What, When and How of Hospice Care Giving,” an open forum discussion sponsored by Four Seasons Compassion for Life, Flat Rock, will be Tuesday, July 29, at noon, at Hendersonville Public Library, 301 North Washington Street. The public is invited to attend; refreshments will be provided.

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