Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Westmoreland and Scully welcomes Kim Murray as director of employee engagement

Westmoreland & Scully (W&S) employs approximately 60 part-time and 75 full-time employees. With the opening of Chestnut and Corner Kitchen Catering, long gone were the days of only a small crew at Corner Kitchen. With change comes innovation. It was time for Kevin and Joe to think bigger. In walked Kim Murray…

Kim Murray is a passionate contributor to Asheville’s thriving independent restaurant community, from making sure that customers get great service to serving on the board of the Asheville Independent Restaurant Association. Now Kim brings her infectious enthusiasm, commitment to service excellence and life-long learning to W&S. Kim has worked in the hospitality industry for almost 30 years. Kim’s roles have ranged from being a hostess and prep cook to senior management positions and consulting on the openings of new establishments.

“I’ve been trying to work with Chef Joe Scully since moving to Asheville in 2005 and after spending time with Kevin Westmoreland on the AIR Board I knew that W&S would be the dream team to be a part of. When offered the position of Director of Employee Engagement I knew I’d found my niche – serving people in an HR role, providing leadership and improving continuing education in an industry that needs it” says Kim Murray.

Kevin Westmoreland: “We are excited that Kim is on board and hope to continue making Asheville a thriving community for people interested in working in the restaurant industry. Our mission at W&S is to provide a genuine and positive guest and employee experience. A key part of that is employee engagement, and Kim has helped her employees with that throughout her career."

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