Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Introducing the Jonas Gerard Riverview Collection

Asheville painter expands with an additional River Arts District location

One of the amazing things about being an artist in Asheville is the tremendous synergies that are possible when creative growth aligns with a burgeoning business. New explorations in flow painting techniques and expanding work with larger canvases, on top of an already vibrant and extensive body of work, has turned Gerard’s Clingman Avenue location into a veritable cornucopia of color.

When it became obvious that his artistic imagination was bigger than the walls of Jonas Gerard Fine Art, the search began for an additional location.  After looking at many other areas around town, the perfect venue for expansion was found just a stone’s throw away in the River Arts District’s own Riverview Station. Currently housed there temporarily in studio #104, the Jonas Gerard Riverview Collection will move into its permanent 4,700 sq. ft. home in studio #144 in early 2014.

The new location will itself be a blank canvas for Jonas to explore the nature of creativity, light and color.  It’s large walls and performance space soon be filled with everything from his new flow paintings to landscapes, sunsets, large murals and steel sculptures. Together the Jonas Gerard Fine Art and Jonas Gerard Riverview Collection art spaces will house the fresh new creative rewards of a lifetime spent in art.

Currently located at 191 Lyman St., Riverview Station in studio #104, the Jonas Gerard Riverview Collection will move to it’s permanent home there in studio #144 in early 2014.

For more information, visit jonasgerard.com

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