Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tornado Brings Party Business to Asheville

Eric Everett has moved his business, Zowie Entertainment, to Asheville after a tornado destroyed his home in Connecticut last year. After leaving the house only a few hours before a giant oak tree cut it in half, Eric saw it as a sign that it was time to move. With the launch of the new website here,  www.AshevilleParty.com, Eric hopes to continue providing the event entertainment that he has done throughout the greater New York City area over the last 25 years.

Despite the difficulties of the rebuilding process, Eric keeps smiling. “My friends would look through the house wreckage pictures on Facebook and say things like ‘Well thank God the Hoola Hoops are all right!’ so that kept me laughing.”

Asheville was the chosen destination since family was here, but it also made good sense due to the growing wedding and event industries here. Asheville Party offers a unique combination of entertainment and services. This includes mysteries, team-building for business events, movie-making parties, games and theater improvisation along with the usual favorites like DJ, Karaoke,  and live music.

By joining with the Asheville Chamber of Commerce, Eric hopes to collaborate with other area businesses to help promote each other while also creating a fun event.

With the tornado offering first-hand experience of the effects of climate change in an area that has not had them before, Eric also continues to focus on his work in environmental education. This is through his musical, videos and CD called Animal Party, which the New York Times called “A Musical Link To Ecology For Children”.

About Zowie Entertainment
Zowie Entertainment is a company that provides event services, party entertainment and educational programs through on-site installations, the internet, and live performances. It groups these offerings under three main websites. AshevilleParty.com (which is also ZowieEntertainment.com) provides an overview of all entertainment and services, including mysteries, singing telegrams, DJ, Karaoke, movie-making, team building, games, live music, and theater improvisation. Services include lighting, sound systems, set design & construction and videography. AnimalParty.com focuses on an environmental education show for children featuring music, videos and stage musicals. EricEverett.com features music, videos and musicals written by singer-songwriter Eric Everett.

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