Monday, October 21, 2013

WNC Foster Adopt Fall Festival - Nov. 16th

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to grow up moving from home to home? Have you ever thought about how you would manage if you didn’t know where you were going to end up or who was going to care for you – if anyone? And have you ever considered the incredible opportunity that you have to build a better future for a child?

Children need caring, stable adults in their lives in order to become healthy adults. It doesn’t take a miracle – truly. You don’t have to be perfect to foster a child and with resources and support, it’s easier than you think.

This year’s will be held at the Asheville-Buncombe Foster/Adopt Fall Festival DoubleTree – located at 115 Hendersonville Road – on Saturday, November 16th from 1-4 in the afternoon. The event is hosted by the Buncombe County Health & Human Services and WNC foster care agencies.

This is the only targeted adoption and foster care event in WNC. However, it will not be limited to finding adoptive and foster parents. This fun, free event will focus on increasing community awareness of all the multitude of ways in which people can help kids – whether it is through foster care, adoption, respite, mentoring, donating, educating, volunteering, or our career choices.

Popular sections of the Foster/Adopt Fall Festival include:
1. The “General Information” area – where agencies from across WNC will be available
and provide information about becoming a foster or adoptive parent.

2. The “Child-Specific Recruitment” area – where people can learn more about the
children who currently need adoptive homes. This area will feature the children’s
photos, their profiles…and their social workers may also be in attendance to speak
with families directly.

3. An opportunity to “Talk to a Family Right Here” – a popular section that is staffed
by foster and adoptive parents so that people can talk to a family about what the foster
and adoptive experience is like.

4. And, of course, a fun “Kids Area” – complete with arts & crafts, face painting,
balloon animals, light snacks, and more.

This will be a way for people interested in adoption and foster care to learn more, have
their questions answered, and possibly even learn about a child who belongs in their life.
Remember, this is a free, drop-in event. Spreading the word is the best way that you can help right now, today.

Together, we can build a better future, one child at a time.

Contact Buncombe County Health & Human Services Foster Home Licensing Staff at 828-250-5868

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