Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hi-Wire expanding; adding production facility

Hi-Wire Brewing is expanding by building a new production facility in Asheville, NC that will significantly increase its beer output. Since opening in June, 2013, Hi-Wire has been unable to keep up with demand for its beer, and has maxed out its original, Downtown Asheville facility. By building a new facility that will focus on dramatically increasing output of its year-round and seasonal beers, Hi-Wire will be able to expand its capacity from roughly 4,000 barrels per year to approximately 17,000 barrels per year with the ability to grow to 50,000 barrels per year.

Owner Adam Charnack puts it succinctly, ““The reception to all of our beers to-date has been fantastic. With 300-400% growth in our first year and a half, having been awarded the Best New Brewery in NC for 2013 by Ratebeer, and having won the most medals at the 2014 NC Brewer’s Cup, we can’t wait to have the ability to make more beer and more styles of beer. So, thank you, Asheville, and thank you, North Carolina!”

The $3 million-plus investment will allow Hi-Wire to continue to brew more of its award-winning beer in Asheville while at the same time expanding its lineup, since it will refocus its original, Downtown Asheville brewery on adding more offerings to its lineup.

“One thing, in particular, that we’re really excited about with the new facility is the ability to make a lot more of our Hi-Wire LAGER. That beer takes eight full weeks to produce, which means it requires a lot of tanks to hold all that beer while it properly ages. With our new facility we’ll finally have the space to make much more Lager, while our downtown brewery will be refocused toward brewing interesting, unique additions to our lineup”, says owner Chris Frosaker.

While details on the new facility are still being finalized, a few things are for certain: the new production brewery will be right in the middle of town and will feature both a tasting room and an entirely new tour program unique to Asheville. Hi-Wire is also planning a big release party slated for some time in mid-2015 to celebrate its opening. Several collaboration brews with breweries all across the Southeast are also in the works to celebrate the expansion.

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