Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Once, twice, ten years a lady: LYLAS presents their 10th anniversary show

LYLAS, Asheville’s first and only all-female sketch comedy troupe, is proud to announce their 10th Anniversary Show, LYLAS: We’re Funny. Period. at Asheville Community Theatre September 4-5, 2015.  Performances are Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30 pm.  Tickets for all shows are $20.00. Tickets are available online at www.ashevilletheatre.org, over the phone at 828-254-1320, or in person at the Asheville Community Theatre Box Office.

LYLAS (an acronym which stands for “Love Ya Like A Sis” and is commonly found scrawled in yearbooks or texted between phones) has been a collaboration between a rotating cast of Asheville women.  LYLAS: We’re Funny. Period. features founding members Jenny Bunn and Betsy Puckett as well as regulars Tina Ford-Cox, Tab Hall, Delina Hensley, Hollis McKeown, and Robin Raines with special guests Sarah Carpenter and Karri Brantley and music from the Lady Parts.

“Betsy Puckett and Sarah Carpenter were starring in a production of Parallel Lives in 35below,” said founding member Jenny Bunn. “I was running the sound board, and Emily McClain and Emily Miller were working in the box office. We were all hanging out after a performance one night, and we just thought – why don’t we try to write our own stuff? That was the fall of 2004.”

The first LYLAS performance was in August of 2005 in 35below at Asheville Community Theatre.

“Tickets were $5.00,” continued Bunn. “I don’t remember how many performances we did, but we sold out every one. We were just giddy that so many people wanted to see our show. We ended up remounting the show later that year – and every one of those performances sold out, too. So many theatres in town have been supportive of us, but we really consider ACT to be our home theatre. And it’s pretty exciting to be up on the Mainstage!”

Over the past 10 years, LYLAS has performed at 35below, NC Stage, the Orange Peel, the Magnetic Theatre, at the Laugh Your Asheville Off festival and at Carolina Sketchfest.  Every show has been an original production, written and performed by members of LYLAS.

“Asheville has been really good to us, and we absolutely love this town. That said, we also love to make fun of it. Luckily, there’s been no shortage of material over the past 10 years!” added Bunn.

To give back to other Asheville women, LYLAS will collect feminine sanitary pads and tampons at the show. All boxes (unopened only, please) will be donated to local organizations that assist women who are experiencing homelessness or seeking shelter from domestic abuse. Anyone who donates a box of pads or tampons will receive a free drink.

“This is something that we’re not joking about,” said Bunn. “We understand that this is a real need for women, and we want to contribute.”

For more information about the show, please visit Asheville Community Theatre’s Special Events page at www.ashevilletheatre.org. For more information about LYLAS, please visit www.lylas.org.

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