Tuesday, September 4, 2012

PlumDog Financial recognized as Small Business of the Month

Plum (choice, desirable, special) + Dog (alert, friendly, loyal) = PlumDog

The Chamber is pleased to recognize PlumDog Financial as Small Business of the Month. PlumDog Financial, a residential mortgage broker and relocation company, was started in 2007 by Bill and Cathy Early after the couple relocated to Asheville from Michigan.

“We started PlumDog mainly because we love the mortgage lending business,” said Bill. “Helping people achieve the American dream of owning a home is just a wonderfully gratifying thing to do.”

PlumDog staff pride themselves on being client-focused. They seek to make the mortgage process simple and straightforward with an eye ever on improvement. The approach is paying off – PlumDog has been doubling in growth every year. Looking ahead, Bill noted, “We would like to continue with our unique delivery of lending, marketing and the servicing of clients by expanding into Charlotte, Raleigh, and the rest of North Carolina.”

In addition to providing quality customer service, the Earlys and their staff are community-minded. The group volunteers extensively and donates $50 for every loan closed to Mission Children’s Hospital.

“Everything we do, and each morning we begin our day, we have engage on our minds. It begins with the camaraderie that exists within our organization and spreads to our clients, vendors and organizations that we deal with throughout the process.  Figuring out how we can help each of these entities get better, be more complete, achieve better results, is our ongoing goal.”

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