Wednesday, September 19, 2012

UBS Financial Services hosts Successfully Single workshop Oct 19

Making the transition to aloneness after years of being part of a couple can be overwhelming.  There is a double whammy of going through the grieving process while at the same time taking over life management areas that used to be shared with or handled by a partner. UBS Financial Services is hosting "Successfully Single," a two-hour workshop on Friday, October 19, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at the Rathbun Center, 121 Sherwood Road near Mission Hospital.  This workshop is free of charge. 

The two-hour workshop breaks down the process of dealing with one’s new single status into three sections – Short-Term Critical Steps, Intermediate Steps and Long-Term Steps. Topics will include:

• How to avoid becoming overwhelmed
• Gathering important documents and information
• Understanding cash flow needs
• Necessary legal steps to protect your assets and preserve your autonomy
• Dealing with grief and anger
• Assessing your financial position
• Thriving instead of merely surviving – social aspects of singlehood
• Planning for the future
• And more!

Successfuly Single is conducted by a panel of four experienced professionals representing the personal, legal and financial aspects of managing the realities and necessities of emotional and financial self-sufficiency.
Throughout the session, they offer guidance from their perspectives on how to make the best decisions for moving forward.

To register, or receive more information, call 828-771-5012 or visit our website at workshop is complimentary and there will be no solicitations at the workshop.

People who lose a partner to death, divorce, separation or dementia are immediately faced with important and potentially crucial decisions regarding their emotional and financial futures. This comprehensive workshop was developed to address the key challenges surrounding the transition from being part of a couple to becoming “suddenly single.” The course may be most useful for women who are confronting a dramatic reshaping of their lives; however, a newly single person of either gender will benefit from the insights and information presented.

For more information on Successfuly Single,including future workshop dates and times, please call 828-771-5012 or email

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