Monday, December 10, 2012

Galileo Planning purchases coats for Boys and Girls Club children

For the second Thanksgiving in a row, Galileo has set aside $500 to buys coats for children that don’t have them.  Jessica Stavish, an employee of Galileo, has called Emma Elementary, and the Boys and Girls Club to identify specific children in need.  She asks for their sizes and she buys coats specifically for each child, thinking about their age and gender and what they would be excited to wear.  This year we were able to purchase 25 coats, 20 pairs of mittens, and 20 scarves that were personally delivered to each child.

Please read this story from the Boys and Girls Club below as a reminder of how blessed we are.  Others are invited to help buy more coats for children in need. Please contact Abby Cain at Galileo

A few weeks ago, Galileo Planning was extremely generous and donated coats to the Boys and Girls Club for kids that did not have a winter coat. First of all, you would be surprised at how many kids needed coats. You never think that a parent wouldn't have enough to at least get their child a coat for the winter. This story however, comes from our teen center...

Two brothers in our teen center started coming to the Club a couple of months ago. These kids are incredibly joyful and also sometimes incredibly bad. They come from a single-parent home and absolutely LOVE their mother. However, I never knew the severity of their living conditions until the day before Thanksgiving. I found out that recently, their mom didn't have enough money to pay the electric bill. These kids came to the Club every day not having had a hot shower for three weeks. They still came to the Club with a smile on their face. 

I found out they also did not have winter coats. This is where the blessing of Galileo Planning comes in. They purchased coats for these two boys. I decided on the day before Thanksgiving that instead of them walking home, I would surprise them with their coats, give them a ride home and a food box. We were blessed that day to have a turkey donated by a generous couple, which we included in their box. 

As 6:00 rolled around, I packed their coats in the car and asked the boys to follow me to the kitchen. When we got to the kitchen, they practically screamed at how much food they were getting to take home for Thanksgiving. They were so excited to get home and share this blessing with their mom. We walked out to my car and opened the trunk to put the food box in. I told them to grab the bag which held their coats and decide which coat they wanted. Their response, "I have never owned anything from this before! My mom is going to be so jealous. This is awesome!!!!" 

We got in the car while the boys were fighting over which color they wanted. When I got to their house I, I got out and carried the box to their door. They invited me in while shouting " Mom! We got a turkey and coats!!! We have someone we want you to meet!" The boys were so excited I was at their house, they invited me back in to meet their mom. While the boys ran to get her, I was standing inside the door looking around. Not only was the place cold and dark, the amount of dirt and smoke was unreal. There wasn't an empty place to be found to set something down. Trash was on the floor, the table, and the counters in the kitchen. The ceilings were black with dirt and smoke. I immediately started fighting back tears. 

I had no idea what these kids went home to everyday. I have no doubt in my mind that they will have health issues down the road. As their mom came to meet me and give me a hug, I realized one thing. All these kids wanted was to provide for their mom. Family meant more to them than anything else. 

As I drove away, I realized how absolutely thankful I was for my family at home and at work. I am thankful to have the opportunity to serve this community and create relationships for this organization. 



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