Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Charity offers perspective on importance of reliable web hosting

AidJoy trust Immedion for more than just consistent server uptime

AidJoy is a charity comprised of volunteer marketing, business development, and technology professionals using their skills to create a better world. Their behind-the-scenes labor enables charities to focus on frontline services.  AidJoy is currently working with Project Amazonas, a charity that provides medical care to remote villages in the Amazon rainforest.

“The Project Amazonas web site educates and inspires medical professionals from around the world to volunteer for medical expeditions. This charity’s audience is global and high usage times for the website may happen well after U.S. business hours close. The stakes are too high to risk our websites to unreliable hosting.  If willing medical volunteers can’t access the Project Amazonas site, it could mean that people will not receive medical care. It’s not dollars on the line for us; it’s lives,” says Executive Director, Jonathan Shanin, who ran a highly successful online marketing company before founding AidJoy. “Immedion has been providing hosting services for us for more than 5 years, and we trust that they are there for us without waiver.”

“Immedion’s server uptime is ultimately reliable”, says Jim Ciallela, Director of Technology at AidJoy. “We don’t think about whether it will be working or not. Moreover, we know they really care about us and the work we are doing.”

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