Monday, February 3, 2014

Goodwill offers free business donations pickup

As a service to the business community, Goodwill offers free pickup services to any company or organization wishing to make a donation of goods. While most people are familiar with Goodwill’s drop-off locations, Chamber members may not be aware of the free pickup services available to businesses. This service enables companies to: dispose of unwanted items, receive a tax benefit for donations, divert unwanted items from landfills, and help the community by funding Goodwill’s employment and training programs. 

Donation categories include but are not limited to:

·         Computer equipment/consumer electronics of any condition*
·         Products of impaired value
·         Out-of-season products
·         Over runs
·         Damaged goods
·         Returns
·         Furniture
·         File cabinets
·         Recyclables

*All consumer electronics will be responsibly recycled with 100% landfill diversion and personal data is wiped clean according to Department of Defense standards. For more information on Goodwill’s computer recycling program, visit

For businesses renovating, moving or downsizing, Goodwill provides transportation and labor to pickup and remove the unwanted items.  For more information on our corporate donation services, please visit or contact Dana Conte at (336) 831-4171,

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