Monday, February 17, 2014

Local data center remains always on during winter storms

Immedion, LLC is South Carolina and Western North Carolina’s premiere provider of data center services, including Cloud, colocation and managed IT services. Founded in 2006, Immedion has always operated with one main objective in mind: keeping their customer’s mission-critical data and applications available 24/7/365. This means staying fully operational during any natural disaster, including the recent storms which dropped nearly 10” of snow in South Carolina’s Upstate, up to 1.25” of ice in the Midlands and left more than 350,000 without power. Early insurance reports estimate that claims from the storm will cost nearly $15 million, making it the most significant event to hit the state in ten years.
“Many of our customer cannot afford to be without their data and applications, for hours, much less days,” said Immedion CEO Frank Mobley. “They have national and global clients and need to be able to service them even during a natural disaster. Even if their employees weren’t able to make it in the office, many worked from home and still need to access email. We were prepared for this storm and are glad we could keep our customers up and operational even during these extreme circumstances.”

Immedion’s technical team begin preparing for the storm on Sunday when the first rumors of a major snow and ice event were announced. Already a 24-hour operation, Immedion adjusted staffing levels to ensure technical coverage and brought in provisions for staff that may need to stay at the data center for 24 hours or more due to the treacherous conditions on the roads. Additionally, Immedion’s emergency preparedness teams initiated the company’s extreme weather procedures which included testing back-up generators, ensuring fuel reserves were at the appropriate levels and verifying that all UPS and HVAC systems were in optimal working condition.

“Our facilities were built to withstand this type of winter storm,” commented Immedion COO Rob Moser. “From our four fully-redundant data centers to our on-site diesel generators, we were prepared for this storm and any future emergencies that come our way. We treat our customer’s data and equipment like it is our own and know that they depend on us to keep their mission-critical data and applications up and running at all times.”

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