Monday, February 17, 2014

The Van Winkle Law Firm focuses on efficiency, cost-effectiveness in e-discovery

The Van Winkle Law Firm today announced enhancements to its litigation services with the introduction of a cloud-based e-discovery solution and a certified e-discovery specialist.

Van Winkle’s cloud-based e-discovery platform allows information to be securely accessed and managed from any location including a client’s office, the courtroom or any place in between. Providing one central repository for legal information to parties that may be geographically dispersed saves time and money.

In addition to investments in technology, Van Winkle is expanding its expertise in managing the e-discovery process. Jennifer Iaquinto, one of the firm’s litigation paralegals, is among the first group of e-discovery professionals to pass the Certified E-Discovery Specialists (CEDS) certification examination. The exam focuses on information management and litigation readiness, data production and project management, among other areas.

In the past, disputes often involved paper documents such as letters and contracts. In today’s electronic age, email, text messages and electronic databases have largely replaced the hand-written letter and fax. E-discovery is the process by which electronically stored information (ESI) is identified, collected and reviewed in legal disputes and other matters. The process can often be time-consuming and expensive due to the sheer volume of electronic data produced and stored. 

“Savvy clients are looking at each step in the legal process and asking, ‘Can I hire somebody else to do this step at a lower cost, or do it better, or both?’ With our people and technology, Van Winkle can deliver on quality and efficiency when it comes to electronic information,” says Stephen Williamson, an attorney at Van Winkle who is experienced in the e-discovery process.  

“The economic environment has changed coming out of recession,” says Williamson. “Economic pressures are persisting for businesses, organizations and individuals, even though the financial crisis that caused the recession is behind us. These pressures are causing companies to seek innovative strategies to compete more effectively. Van Winkle is changing the way it does business to meet those needs.”  

The Van Winkle Law Firm offers a large and experienced team of civil litigators. Its attorneys have built a reputation for vigorous representation in state and federal trial and appellate courts, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, U.S. Tax Court, and before local, state, and federal regulatory boards, agencies, and commissions.

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