Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Asheville Wild Birds Unlimited announces new owners

A lot of changes will be happening at the Asheville Wild Birds Unlimited store in the next month. The current owners have decided to sell the store to Heidi and Steve Muma, who have also recently bought the Hendersonville WBU store. You may remember Heidi from her time working in Asheville at the store's old location. She and her husband, Steve, recently moved back to Asheville from Colorado and have moved into the bird world - big time! They will be joined by their son, Stevie, who will also be helping out.

Of course there will be changes at the store. Ventures Birding Tours will remain a partner with the business and there will still be Sunday afternoon travelogues and informational birding programs.

So what are Chris and Simon planning to do now? 

Chris is moving to Pittsburgh, PA this coming Sunday, March 15 where he will be taking care of a family friend who is in line for a double lung transplant at the University of Pittsburgh, so he will be away from Asheville for the foreseeable future. Simon is continuing his travel business and is heading to Ecuador to lead a birding tour. He then continues onto Colorado to lead another birding trip before finally returning to Asheville in mid-April......just as many of our spring migrants arrive back.

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