Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"Sustainable Happiness" seminar offered by Jacob Barrocas Consulting

Increase the quality of your joy, productivity, relationships
 and general satisfaction in your life.

This workshop provides the tools to guide you to a happy life, whatever the circumstances. It is a transformative experience through your heart, discovering what is already inside of you. This workshop is recommended for anyone in any profession or business. Being happy is the foundation for being fulfilled, productive and satisfied in work and life.

Facilitated by:   
Mentor & Business Consultant with 40 years experience as a corporate manufacturing executive.

Hamish Ziegler 

Life and happiness coach and professor of English with 15 years of interpersonal experience teaching and understanding what makes people feel fully expressed and fulfilled by his focus on teaching language.

Saturday August 6, 2016   9 AM – 5 PM

The Retreat Center
18 Magic Mountain Road
Candler, NC  28715

Registration and information:
[Group Rates available]
By phone:          Call 828-665-9334
By email:            jacobbarrocas@gmail.com
Website:             northstarhappinesscoaching.com

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