Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Pardee Hospital Foundation receives $750,000 endowment gift

The Pardee Hospital Foundation announced today that its board of directors will honor the recent $750,000 bequest received from the late Ms. Elizabeth Warrick, a Henderson County resident, by creating a permanent legacy. 

“Ms. Warrick’s gift presents an extraordinary opportunity for us,” said Amy Treece, chairman of the Pardee Hospital Foundation board. “With this gift, we will launch the Pardee Foundation Endowment Fund. The Pardee Foundation Endowment Fund will be a sustainable investment resource that will eventually create a steady stream of income to finance new and exciting opportunities for Pardee UNC Health Care far into the future.” 

"We are humbled and gratified by Ms. Warrick’s gift," said Kim Hinkelman, executive director of Pardee Hospital Foundation. "She quietly left a legacy of health and wellness, and as an endowment, it will serve our community for many years to come.” 

By establishing the Pardee Foundation Endowment Fund, the Foundation is seeking to create permanent principal that will be invested for growth, and from which the board, each year, may direct earned income to support creative health care initiatives as they arise. 

“We want to celebrate Mrs. Warrick’s generosity with thoughtful stewardship and careful investment, inspiring others to join us in developing a long-term health care funding resource for our patients and our community,” said Hinkelman. “Starting with this extraordinary gift, we hope the entire community will see the value in our Endowment Fund and contribute to its growth.” 

For more information on the Pardee Foundation Endowment Fund, and how you can make a long-term investment in the health of our community, contact Jim Brewer at 828-233-2710 or

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