Monday, April 15, 2013

River of Silk - Jonas Gerard's Lush New Silk Works

Jonas Gerard’s Lush New Silk Works

Jonas Gerard is constantly scouting new avenues of expression.  His famous gallery signs stating, “it is OK

to touch” speak of and reinforce a love for the tactile elements in art.  It is no surprise then that when a desire to explore gentle, ethereal, dreamy colors and textures arose again, his intuition to add a touch of silk led things in new, unexpected directions.  The soft, luxurious feel of silk, combined with his mastery of the color palette resulted in a tender explosion of warmth.

Working with silk requires a totally new process, taking the artist far outside his comfort zone into the realm where every step is a fresh discovery.  While silk paint is still used for accents, the majority of color in these works comes from dyes.  They react very differently than other paints, unleashing a unique expressive space similar to watercolors. Expanded techniques using water, wax, alcohol and other alchemical ingredients brought forth a vibrant array of organic patterns. Whether in an abstract or landscape, the colors created their own relationships, where happy accidents danced across the silk and the artist was simultaneously the cause of, and joyous witness to, hundreds of tiny miracles.

River Of Silk is an exciting show highlighting Jonas’ explorations of this new direction.  He has journeyed far up this river and has returned with a gallery full of wonders.  Large works where pastel washes of color provide the backdrop for graceful strokes and splashes live alongside numerous small works, each providing a unique window into this magical realm.  Hand-painted silk scarves round out the collection, allowing art lovers to wrap themselves or a loved one in a soft, silky river of color.

River Of Silk starts with a lush Mother’s Day Weekend opening reception following the 2nd Saturday Live Painting Performance at Jonas Gerard Fine Art, 240 Clingman Ave. in Asheville, NC on Saturday May 11th The Painting Performance starts at 2:00pm and the reception starts at 4:00pm.  River Of Silk will be on display through June 16th.

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