Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Asheville artist's abstract exhibit coming to Crawford Art Gallery

Local artist Kenn Kotara’s exhibition “Sequentiality” will be on display in Asheville School’s Crawford Art Gallery beginning October 16. The public reception will be held from 5:30-7:30 that evening.

Kotara’s art includes works on canvas, paper and mylar; Braille; screens; Polaroids; sculpture and site specific installations that are contemporary, abstract and grid-based. Learn more at www.kotarastudio.com.

Artist’s statement: My curiosity about arcane systems that in some way serve to explain our world has me constantly posing what if type questions and exploring ways of noting my observations, and this ask-answer sequence fuels my creative muse.  One particular question – how does form come into being – has led me towards creating visual meditations on this mystery alone.

Because origin of form is addressed through an array of disciplines, as I seek information about physical realms, I look to historic and current sources in biology and geology.  For the conceptual domain, I explore mathematics and the cosmology, all the while capturing and organizing bits of abstract information on grid – like segments of DNA interacting to unfold to recognition when the time is right.

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