Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Asheville Salt Cave celebrates second anniversary

Asheville Salt Cave located downtown at 12 Eagle Street is happy to announce that they are celebrating our 2nd Anniversary.

Asheville Salt Cave is a special place where one can experience a unique, micro-climate that provides one's mind and body with rehabilitation, relaxation and rejuvenation in just one 45-minute session. All five senses are involved in the healing power of nature.

Two years ago, with much research, planning and time, the Appel Family brought this amazing space to the people of Asheville (and visitors alike) to enjoy and appreciate the benefits it has to offer themselves and their families.

Over time they have introduced some new and wonderful salt products for purchase at their retail space, the “Salt Market “and many enjoyable and beneficial activities that are held each month throughout the year inside this unique space.

Built using 20 tons of Polish salt and incorporating two natural ionizers which feed and sustain the cave, this salt cave is the only one of its kind in the United States, There is nothing artificial inside the cave. There are no breeding grounds in which bacteria can grow. The cave is sustainable and growing.

Salt therapy has been known for centuries to be beneficial in the treatment of many respiratory ailments, skin conditions, depression, digestive complaints, ear infections, migraines, poor concentration, sleep disorders, stress and frequent viral infections.

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