Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Local entrepreneurs not afraid of success

Ghosts and goblins and naysayers can’t scare this local partnership.

“BOO! We’re still here.” Mighty bold words coming from a couple of local writers who are beating the odds. They’ve built a business that’s thriving in an industry fraught with corporate titans and overseas, underpriced competition. That’s right: Ray Access, a small online content provider, has grown steadily since it began in 2012.

“It’s frightening to think that the right words can have such a huge impact on businesses,” says Ray Access partner Mark Bloom. “But the Internet has leveled the playing field for small companies looking to compete. In the vacuum of space, no one can tell how big your business is… if you present yourself well. And content plays a crucial role, even more than graphics or catchy videos.”

In addition to a slew of local clients, Bloom and his partner Linda Ray have attracted the attention of business owners from South Carolina to New Jersey, New York and Florida.  With their newly launched website at rayaccess.com, the partners hope to extend their reach even further.

Some of the spooktacular success Ray Access has enabled includes:
  • Causing an explosion of business for clients immediately following their website content reboot.
  • Dramatically increasing the number of customer phone calls, directly improving the bottom line.
  • Increasing online visibility for one local company from 200 to 1,000 impressions per month within 30 days.
  • Producing website content revisions for some of the area’s top web development firms.
  • Hiring three part-time freelance writers to handle growth.
  • Earning a sterling reputation among the local business community.
Not bad for the former reporter and former technical writer who started Ray Access. Now they research, write and edit website content that converts lookers into buyers, blog posts that attract attention and press releases that compel readers to learn more.

True superheroes, the team at Ray Access can use its superpowers to make invisible companies appear on search pages. To bring truth, justice and prosperity to all, Ray Access gives its clients a singular voice that echoes in the cacophony of the Internet.

“One of our main talents is being able to adjust our tone to address the needs of every client,” says Bloom. “Each has an individual voice and story to tell. Yet we remain anonymous on the pages we craft.”

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