Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mars Hill University's Weizenblatt Gallery hosts Skip Rohde Exhibition

Weizenblatt Gallery, in the Moore Building of Mars Hill University, is currently hosting an exhibition by local artist Skip Rohde, titled "Faces of Afghanistan." The exhibition will run through December 11. The gallery is open Monday - Friday, 10 - 4.

Skip Rohde was an officer in the Navy for over 22 years before becoming a full-time artist.  His paintings have won recognition and awards in solo, juried, and curated exhibitions across the eastern half of the country.  In addition, he was the courtroom artist for WLOS-TV and served as the first President of the River District Artists for three years.  

Rohde served as a civilian program manager in Iraq for 18 months and created a number of paintings about the experience.  Later, he was a governance advisor with the State Department in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, for a year.  His “Faces of Afghanistan” drawings, a collection of 50 small-scale sketches done mostly from life, have been exhibited in six colleges and universities.  

Rohde currently works out of a studio in Woodfin, NC.

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