Tuesday, February 7, 2017

UNC Asheville and Mission Health announce partnership

UNC Asheville and Mission Health, two of the largest employers in the Asheville area, have expanded their partnership, introducing new programs to create a healthier and brighter future. The organizations announced their affiliation agreement in February 2017. Most notably, the partnership will significantly expand services and initiatives that will benefit employees, students, and the Asheville community.

Healthy Campus 2020 Initiative
The enhanced partnership establishes an inaugural Healthy Campus 2020 Committee dedicated to improving the health of students, faculty and staff with the expertise from Mission Health’s Wellness Teams. Additionally, a dedicated campus liaison will be employed by UNCA and will be responsible for administering programs aligned with the American College Health Association’s Healthy Campus 2020 initiative, joining a network of colleges and universities working toward a common vision of prioritizing community health needs.
Sports Medicine Services

UNC Asheville has selected Mission Health to be their partner in providing comprehensive sports medicine services for the UNC Asheville Bulldogs, which fields 16 NCAA Division I teams. These services include athletic training, administrative support, pre-participation and annual physical examinations and administering all NCAA-required procedures.

Internships and Employment Opportunities
Through UNC Asheville’s Career Center, the two organizations will work together to provide unique opportunities for Mission Health internships. Because the university’s Career Center is an essential source for Mission Health’s future workforce, the partnership establishes at least ten paid internships yearly. These internships will provide undergraduates with important hands-on professional experience in the health sciences and health administration fields.

Establishment of Mission Health Scholarships
Mission Health values and commends the health-related education programs that UNC Asheville provides, and has increased and focused scholarship funds for students—particularly those who may need more significant financial support—seeking careers in health-related professions.

Established and Expanding Initiatives
UNC Asheville and Mission Health have a long history of working collaboratively together on common educational, community and health-related projects and objectives, including:

  • Undergraduate research projects in cancer-studies, genetics, integrative health, kinesiology, physiology and geriatrics
  • Staff collaboration with UNC Asheville’s N.C. Center for Health & Wellness and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
  • Adjunct instructor positions at UNC Asheville and ongoing educational opportunities for Mission Health employees
  • Health and wellness programs at both organizations, with student-learning opportunities, new employee positions, and UNC Asheville employee access to Mission Health’s MyHealthyLife and WellConnect subscription program
  • Funded scholarships for students interested in health careers and sponsorship of UNC Asheville Athletics

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