Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Western Women's Business Center offers scholarships for AAAC's creative industry management course

The Western Women’s Business Center (WWBC) at The Support Center (TSC) is a lead co-sponsor of this year’s Asheville Area Arts Council’s (AAAC) Creative Industry Management 8-week course designed for craft artisans. The course will be held twice between July and September at the Goodwill Career Center in Asheville, NC.

The Creative Industry Management course will guide participants through the business planning process by covering essentials of the craft artisan’s business model. This learning experience involves team building, problem solving, timelines, activities with movement, and more.

“We have seen the impact that this course has made in the lives of craft artisans and their business. We encourage craft artisans to apply and take advantage of the opportunity to get a scholarship and grow in their business,” Sharon Oxendine, Director of the WWBC says. “I have been pleasantly surprised to see how much artists have enjoyed these classes and how they’ve been able to apply the information to their business models quickly.”

The cost for the course is $500 or $63 per week. The WWBC at TSC will be offering scholarships for qualified participants to subsidize the cost. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive the AAAC’s Certificate of Creative Business Management.  The course first launched in August, 2014 with 11 recipients. This year, two classes will be offered: the first round will be held from July 29 until September 16, and the second round will be held between September 30 and November 18.

Topics covered in the curriculum include:

Calculating unit cost: Figuring out the cost of your product
Finding the break-even point for your business each month: Knowing how many pieces of art to make and sell to cover expenses and make a profit
Reaching your target market: Identify who your consumer is, where they are and learn ways to reach them
Marketing: Spread the word about your craft

The AAAC also partnered with HandMade in America to produce the course. Other lead sponsors include the NC REAL Institute, the City of Asheville and Goodwill. The 8-week course curriculum will cover NC REAL’s teaching methods and a learning experience generated specifically for engaging creative individuals.  

For registration or more information, please contact Program Manager at the AAAC, Johanna Hagarty, at Johanna@ashevillearts.com or visit the website: http://ashevillearts.com/programs/creative-industry-management-curriculum/#

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