Thursday, June 19, 2014

Geffcken publishes new book on transforming organizational culture

Author Glenn Geffcken has released his first book with an innovative and fresh
approach on organizational culture. In Shift: Indigenous Principles for Corporate Change,
Geffcken has put forth a complete system for culture shift, not so much by casting his gaze to the future, but rather by looking back to the cultures of indigenous people and drawing on the wisdoms that have enabled native societies to perpetually enhance culture for thousands of years.

Drawing from more than 24 years in the corporate world, while in parallel to an 18-year
immersion in North American indigenous culture, Geffcken has identified a powerful set of
principles that are directly applicable to the modern realm of doing business and building
organizations. Told through the lens of a non-native raised in a city environment and later
adopted by the Navajo people and trained in their ancient traditions, Geffcken uses storytelling from both his corporate and indigenous adventures, while clearly drawing corollaries and mapping applicability to modern-day leadership.

Shift has been granted the “Editor’s Choice” award by its publisher, Open Book Editions,
indicating its high quality writing and storytelling. Noted physicist and author of twenty-three books including Blackfoot Physics F. David Peat said, “Glenn Geffcken’s SHIFT makes the innovative and exciting proposal that entrepreneurs and businesses can take major steps forward by embracing the traditions and wisdoms of Indigenous people.” Award winning author Carol Sanford said of Shift, “Geffcken has imbued this book with BIG messages that matter to us today in all walks of life, including corporate.”

Geffcken shares that, “While industries and technologies are constantly changing, the values that drive our behaviors are unchanging. It is through a continual focus on values and a deepening understanding of them,” Geffcken conveys, “that is a key takeaway from indigenous society that enables the strengthening of organizational culture.”

Geffcken together with his wife and business partner Maria Rueda, who is of indigenous
ancestry, have launched a series of uniquely powerful and effective culture workshops based on the system presented in Shift. Their workshops offer immersive experiences to catalyze shifts in organizational culture for individuals and businesses. Geffcken shares that, “Through exploring this unique approach that I wrote about in Shift, together with immersive workshops and ongoing coaching, we have a complete system for moving the needle on culture.”

Geffcken blogs regularly on is Art of Balance blog and is offering to write guest articles and
blogs for publications with a focus on business and culture. Shift is available in print, Kindle, and Nook versions. To learn more, visit the www.BalancedIs/Shift website.

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