Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sassy's Computers and Repair now carries rare earth metals

Bill Conkis owner of Sassy’s Computers and Repair is now carrying and selling Rare Earth Metals or REM’s.

Why the interest in REM’s from a computer store?  Conkis explains: “many of the world’s hi-tech products could not be manufactured without Rare Earth Metals.  Flat Screen Monitors, Very-Small Computer Disk Drives, I-Phones and batteries all have one or more of the seventeen rare earth elements. Other high tech REM-essential systems include strategic missile technology, advanced lasers, stealth helicopters, drones, Wind Turbines and MRI and PET equipment”. 

What Sassy’s Computers offers are unique and attractive elements that are polished and penny-size and extremely pure.

About 99 percent of Rare Earth Metals are sold in large, ugly bars for industrial use.  Most of the very-pure REM’s come from China. During 2011 the Chinese government announced strict export limitations on REM’s, which caused the prices of the more-rare “Heavy” rare earths to rise tremendously.

When supplies of any items are limited and demand increases, price increases usually follow. Some of these REM’s are now becoming “precious metals.” A single bar of Scandium or Lutetium may cost at least 15 times as much as the same size bar of silver.

This information should interest investors of a new emerging venture opportunity that is poised to yield excellent returns. Yet few investors know about REM’s, much less understand their long-term yield potential.

The global market demand for Rare Earth Elements has grown at an annual rate of 8 to 12% and is expected to increase for the foreseeable future. Nobody knows if China will decide to impose an embargo on these Rare Earth Metals.

Sassy’s Computers is in its new location at 1238 Hendersonville Rd Suite 102 in the former Ballard’s Appliance Center, 828-253-0853, www.sassys.com .

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