Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Asheville Area Arts Council named NC State Arts Council's Buncombe County Partner for state funding

Last week the AAAC was named the Buncombe County partner for the North Carolina State Arts Council’s Grassroots Arts Program. In recent weeks, the AAAC was notified that it will also be receiving funds from both Buncombe County and the City of Asheville.

The North Carolina Arts Council’s (NCAC) Grassroots Arts Program (GAP) provides per capita-based funding for arts programming to all 100 counties across North Carolina ensuring opportunities for citizens to experience the arts in their own communities. For years, this excellent program has provided much needed support for emerging arts organizations and new projects and growth for arts organizations who provide the cultural backbone of Buncombe County. The estimated annual economic impact of arts and culture related nonprofits and their audiences in Buncombe County is over 45 Million dollars annually (Arts & Economic Prosperity IV) http://www.americansforthearts.org/by-program/reports-and-data/research-studies-publications/arts-economic-prosperity-iv

Buncombe County, through their Community Funding Grant, has provided matching funds for the AAAC granting programs. These generous matching funds for Buncombe County artists and arts organizations means the funds from GAP to the community will be greater than in past years.

Additionally, the AAAC has received funds from the City of Asheville, through its Strategic Partnerships program. These funds assist the AAAC’s creative industry workforce development program known as the Artist Resource Center. This program includes a technology center and entrepreneurship skill training for artists at the AAAC’s new Grove Arcade location.

"The AAAC is thrilled to work with our government partners at the state, county, and city, and will work to increase the number of jobs in creative industries in North Carolina. We recognize the crucial role that knowledgeable entrepreneurs play in the future of our region, and the crucial role that creative self-expression plays in the health and well being of the community." Says Kitty Love, Asheville Area Arts Council Executive Director.

The AAAC would like to express deep gratitude to the Buncombe County Commission, City of Asheville,and North Carolina Arts Council and staff for their support of the arts in our County.

Grants offered by the Asheville Area Arts Council: 

Regional Artist Project Grant (RAPG)provides support for committed, accomplished artists by funding a project pivotal to a career in their respective art forms.

Grassroots Arts Program, supports arts organizations, arts in education programs conducted by qualified artist, and other community organizations that provide arts programming in Buncombe County.

The Asheville Art in the Park Arts & Community Grant, supports Creative Placemaking projects to enhance public spaces and highlight the role of local artists within the community. 

The AAAC encourages new projects to apply, and participate in this program, which supports excellence in arts and culture across the state. For more information about our grants or to apply visit www.ashevillearts.com, or contact jodi@ashevillearts.com.


The Asheville Area Arts Council receives support from the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Cultural Resources, with funding from the Endowment for the Arts.

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