Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Colton Groome & Company announces grand opening of new entity

Colton Groome & Company, a leading provider of trusted financial solutions since 1950,  is announcing the opening of a new “sister” firm, LifeTrust3D™.

LifeTrust3D™ was built to serve a specific and very important niche within the life insurance industry.  The new entity does not sell life insurance, or any other products for that matter.  Rather it is a fee-based policy monitoring and management firm, particularly for trust-owned life insurance.

George M. Groome, President & CEO of Colton Groome & Company stated,  “We developed this new company and its trademarked 3D Process™ out of necessity specifically to do two things; Maximize life insurance benefits for grantors & beneficiaries, and minimize risk for trustees & fiduciaries.  The country’s sustained, low-interest rate environment combined with longer life expectancies mean the majority of permanent life insurance policies (ie Whole Life, Universal Life, Variable Life) sold prior to 2000 are not meeting their original projections. Specifically, this means an insured may outlive his or her death benefit or premiums necessary to maintain the current death benefit for an insured’s lifetime may increase substantially!  An underperforming life insurance policy likens itself to the snowball process, if it is diagnosed early it won’t compound and grow … if left undiagnosed the problem can snowball to a point there are limited options available for the policyholder.”

This trademarked 3D Process™ means Discover, Design & Deliver.  This is a continual process that merges the experience of more than 60 years in the insurance industry, with the most advanced & secure technology available.  In fact, we are so confident our process will add value and protection for trustees and fiduciaries, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Perhaps most importantly, LifeTrust3D™ was designed to help people love life insurance again. Yes, life insurance is a dynamic asset that may have many moving parts, may have been sold with unrealistic expectations or may not have been properly explained when originally bought / sold.  However it does something no other financial tool in the world can do – provide financially for a wealth creator’s family, charitable intentions, estate planning wishes and lifetime legacy at the unknown time the wealth creator is no longer here to do it him or herself. 

To learn more please visit their new website at www.LifeTrust3D.com

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