Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Haywood County Board of REALTORS announces joint efforts in government affairs with Asheville Board

The Asheville Board of REALTORS® and Haywood County Board of REALTORS® announce a joint venture in regards to government affairs at the local, state and national levels.
Mike Butrum, Government Affairs Director (GAD) of the Asheville Board of      REALTORS®, will now be teaming up with the Haywood County Board to identify and monitor federal, state, and local legislation, regulations and business trends impacting REALTORS® and homeowners working and living in Western North Carolina. 
The Government Affairs Director is an important role protecting the voice for homeowners and real estate professionals in the local areas of Buncombe, Haywood & Transylvania counties. Property insurance tax reform is one issue North Carolina property owners are facing with potential increases in insurance rates if state Senate does not vote for House Bill 519.
“The Haywood County Board of REALTORS® is excited about working hand in hand with Mr. Butrum and the Asheville Board of REALTORS® in addressing the best interest of homeowners and members when it comes to laws and regulations,” said Billie Green, vice president Region 9 for North Carolina Association of REALTORS® and Chair of Government Affairs committee for the Haywood board. 
The short session of legislation is scheduled to close this Saturday, August 2nd where budgets will be published for 2015. The House and Senate have reached an agreement, issuing comments only about the film tax credit, historic and mill rehabilitations, and personal income tax.  Revenues expected to be collected for personal income tax will be 43% lower than budgeted. Legislative fiscal staff also predicted that the revenue will be another 30% lower than budgeted in 2015. House Bill 519 on insurance property tax reform should be announced this weekend. 
To keep up to date on these issues, sign up for the WNC Homeowners Alliance at abr-nc.com.

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