Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Arts Council announces 2014-15 Grassroots Subgrant Award recipients

Since 1977, the North Carolina Arts Council’s Grassroots Arts Program has provided North Carolina citizens access to quality arts experiences. Using a per capita based formula, the program provides funding for the arts in all 100 counties of the state through partnerships with local arts councils. AAAC serves as the North Carolina Arts Council’s partner in awarding subgrants to local organizations for arts programs in Buncombe County.

This year was an extremely competitive one for the Grassroots Arts Subgranting program, which shows an important desire to raise the level of cultural arts programs in Buncombe County, but means that the disbursement process required very difficult choices of our community grants panel. We received a total request of $151,000 from over 30 applicants, with only a set amount of $40,750 to disburse. It is our hope that we can continue to grow the support base to be able to answer the need of Buncombe County’s arts organizations at the level of which they are requesting funds.

Applications were available for non-profit organizations whose purpose is to promote and develop diverse cultural arts programming in Buncombe County. Funding priority was given to qualified arts organizations (theaters, galleries, choral societies, festivals), arts in education programs conducted by qualified artists, and other community organizations that provide arts programs in the county. Grassroots funds are not generally awarded to arts organizations that receive funding through the North Carolina Arts Council’s State Arts Resources.

The Asheville Area Arts Council is honored to announce the following applicants as the recipients of the 2014-15 Grassroots Arts Program funding:

Arts For Life
ArtSpace Charter School
Asheville Ballet Guild
Asheville City Schools Foundation
Asheville Community Theatre
Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre/Fringe Festival
Asheville Creative Arts
Asheville Lyric Opera
Asheville Music School
Black Mountain Center for the Arts
Black Mountain College Museum
Center For Craft Creativity and Design
Delta House
LEAF Community Arts
Magnetic Theater
Montford Park Players
Motion Dance Theatre
VA Medical Center
Weaverville Art Safari


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