Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Asheville Manor game for new name - but the rest stays the same

What’s in a name? People ask that every day. If someone came to you and said, “Today I’m changing your name,” you might feel confused or nervous. Well, Asheville Manor is actually excited about getting a new name. You might even say they're "game" for a new name. That’s because this new name will clearly connect the community to its Brookdale Senior Living family. Not only is Asheville Manor changing its name, so are other Brookdale communities in the Asheville area.

Without prematurely revealing each name, you can bet that each senior living community will have “Brookdale” in its name. What that means is, when you see a sign that says Brookdale, you know the people who work there have a passion for helping seniors and finding them solutions to the needs in their lives. From independent living to assisted living to memory care or skilled nursing, the same associates who have always worked at Asheville Manor will continue to care for seniors the same way they always have. Only the name will change, the rest will stay the same.

“We’re excited about our new name and we know that it means more solutions for seniors and their families in Asheville,” said Christopher Morrissette, Executive Director of what is no longer going to be called Asheville Manor. “We’re also very happy that the residents and associates don’t have to change their last names to Brookdale because it would cause a lot of confusion in our community.”

Find out more about the Brookdale family by visiting www.brookdaleliving.com.

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