Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mission Health's sports medicine program provides athletic training to schools recognized for safety

Twelve (12) schools in western North Carolina have recently received the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) Safe Sports School award for their athletic training programs, which are provided by Mission Sports Medicine. These twelve are the only schools in western North Carolina to receive this recognition and include the only middle schools in the state to receive such designations.  The award champions safety and recognizes secondary schools that provide safe environments for student athletes.

“The award reinforces the importance of providing the best level of care, injury prevention and treatment,” said Jonathan Bailey, Vice President, Mission Health.  “Mission Sports Medicine is honored to receive this recognition and we remain committed to keeping our athletes safe during training and competition, and to being a model of safety and excellence in healthcare in western North Carolina.”

The following schools have received this award:
·         Asheville Christian Academy
·         Asheville High School
·         Brevard High School
·         Clyde A. Erwin Middle School
·         Clyde A. Erwin High School
·         Franklin High School
·         Mitchell High School
·         North Buncombe Middle School
·         North Buncombe High School
·         Rosman High School
·         T.C. Roberson High School
·         Valley Springs Middle School

In order to achieve Safe Sports School status, athletic programs must:

  • Create a positive athletic healthcare administrative system
  • Provide or coordinate pre-participation physical examinations
  • Promote safe and appropriate practice and competition facilities
  • Plan for selection, fit function and proper maintenance of athletic equipment
  • Provide a permanent, appropriately equipped area to evaluate and treat injured athletes
  • Develop injury and illness prevention strategies, including protocols for environmental conditions
  • Provide or facilitate injury intervention
  • Create and rehearse a venue-specific Emergency Action Plan
  • Provide or facilitate psychosocial consultation and nutritional counseling/education
  • Be sure athletes and parents are educated of the potential benefits and risks in sports as well as their responsibilities

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