Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Verizon Wireless empowers parents; protects young mobile users

As parents plan summertime schedules, Verizon Wireless remains committed to providing solutions that extend the ability to both monitor and set boundaries for their children’s wireless activity.

For children, summer often involves overnight sports camps, increased activity with friends, as well as more independent free time to explore their mobile devices. With a broad spectrum of products and services, Verizon Wireless joins the reliability of its network with responsible technology that places control in the hands of parents. This allows parents to pro-actively manage when, how and with whom their children are communicating.

Verizon Wireless FamilyBase extends Verizon’s safeguards and controls through a robust service that monitors activity on up to 10 lines per account. Parental alerts through FamilyBase send notifications of activity across multiple mobile devices. Parents can choose to set limits on data, text and voice, as well as set restrictions for phone use and enable an on-demand lock of their child’s device.   

Download the free Verizon Family Locator app and parents can locate a child anytime using their smartphone, tablet or computer. Parents can select to receive notifications about their children’s arrivals and departures at certain times or places. They can also obtain automatic updates on their child at a specific time of the day.

Another safety app that provides robust diagnostics for the young driver in the family is Delphi Connect for Verizon. The Delphi Connect smartphone app provides a full-featured connectivity solution including: geo-fencing (alerts when a vehicles enters or exits a specified area), live tracking (vehicle location, speed and direction updates every five seconds) and an integrated dashboard that monitors vehicle status and activity.

“As a parent myself, I know firsthand the importance of safeguarding children, while allowing them to enjoy the power of technology,” said Jerry Fountain, president of the Carolinas/Tennessee region for Verizon Wireless. “We live in a connected world and the safety of our customers and their families is fundamental to our success.”

In addition, parents can find a host of free custom apps that offer solutions for monitoring and limiting device usage, web browsing and social activity such as DinnerTime Plus by ZeroDesktop Inc.  DinnerTime Plus is a user-friendly app that allows parents to send their child reminders to study, enjoy family mealtime and go to bed. The app displays real-time status of your children’s device and which app is currently running. Parents can also block apps and request detailed device usage reporting.

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