Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Small Business of the Month: Zöe Dental

Congratulations to Zöe Dental, our small business of the month!

Zöe Dental is a full-service dental office with a strong commitment to customer service and to the Asheville community. In addition to expanding the business to accommodate a growing patient base, Zöe Dental completed its 2nd Annual Dentistry from the Heart event providing more than $28,000 in free dental care for those in the community who could not afford it otherwise.

Read on for our interview with Dr. Perry Stamatiades.

Asheville Chamber Board member Chris Silliman of
First Restoration Services with Dr. Perry Stamatiades
Tell us a little of the history of the company.
I purchased the practice of Dr. Bill Cave in 2005 and changed the name to Zöe Dental.  Zöe means life in Greek—when we begin working with patients, we want to establish lifelong relationships.  We don’t just care for your teeth—our practice is about growing and sharing life with our patients.  In 2007, we moved to a new state-of-the-art facility and have been there ever since. In 2013 we added Dr. Hayes to our practice to handle the demand of patients wanting to join our practice. We are a full service dental office treating patients of all ages, from the simplest dental cleaning to more complex treatments.

What are you most proud of about the company?
The customer service we offer.  In today’s medical industry there is a huge lack of customer service.  We take that matter seriously and go beyond patient expectations to ensure they receive the best experience and care available.    

Best advice you’ve gotten for leading a small business.
1. Be a servant to your customers and put their needs first.
2. Always look at revenue over cost.
3. Always better before cheaper.

Your favorite thing in your workplace.
NOT having a personal office. It’s a time waster.  You spend most of your time checking/responding to email, making phone calls, handling personal tasks, and other items that are important but should not be done at work.  This allows me to be more productive and spend more time with patients and cultivate important relationships.  Eliminating distractions helps me focus on growing our practice.

What’s next on the horizon?
With a new in-house marketing coordinator, we plan to expand our brand and add more patients, which will create more jobs for doctors and other team members.   We plan to keep providing each patient with the best experience and be more available for appointments to better accommodate their busy lives.

The Chamber’s tagline is, “Connect. Engage. Impact. Thrive.” Pick one of these terms and tell us what it means to you as a small business in Asheville.
IMPACT.  My membership with the chamber allows opportunities to network with other business owners, and has helped our practice become more visible to the community. With that said, we’re able to impact Asheville by employing more team members and treating more patients. Our success has helped us impact not only our team members and patients, but also the Asheville community by hosting an annual Dentistry from the Heart event where we provide free dentistry for a full day to those in the community who are unable to afford dental care.

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