Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Asheville Gallery of Art is "on the move" to new location

Asheville Gallery of Art, in preparation for their move to their exciting new gallery at 82 Patton Avenue, closed for business at their old location, 16 College Street, on Jan. 21. The new space will be ready to open mid-February. While it’s almost directly across the street from the old location, the new space is a big step for Asheville’s longest-established fine art gallery. 

The gallery at 82 Patton will have more room than the old location. High ceilings, increased lighting, and a stained concrete floor will change the ambiance, but the quality of art presented will remain at the same high level for which AGA has always been known.  Founded in 1988, AGA is a 30-member cooperative. Each gallery artist is a co-owner. Members not only display work at the gallery but also help take care of all responsibilities and duties of running the business. 

After 27 years in the same location, the prospect of a move seemed, at first, almost impossible. However, the strength of the co-op model and the determination of the membership prevailed. A dedicated group of members spent innumerable hours looking for a new location and negotiating the fine points needed for the move. 

Sandi Anton, current AGA president, says, “The success of our gallery lies in 
our members who not only have a passion for making great art but a commitment to marketing and selling to a discriminating public. We attribute the gallery’s longevity, unique to Asheville, to our proven business practices that encourage change and growth.” 
For more information about the gallery, visit their website at ashevillegallery-of-art.com or call 828-251-5796

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