Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Jonas Gerard presents new series of steel sculptures

Known for abstract expressionism, artist Jonas Gerard thrives in the world of large, vibrant, acrylic paintings on canvas. However, it is well known that the abundant creative energy that drives him will not stay contained within a single medium or art form. In collaboration with metal artist Doug Lapham of Shooting Star Forge, Jonas is returning to steel sculptures, which was his passion some 20 years ago.

“This body of work, called ‘Transformation’, allows people to relate to how heavy industrial objects can be transformed into a new form with a new purpose, giving birth to a new life. These sculptures are made up of welded steel objects. They symbolize the working tools of hard labor: picks, shovels, farming, plowing and machine parts used in industry. They look and feel hard and heavy.”

Jonas continues, “My vision, my reason for doing this art is to transform these objects into works of art, to make the steel weightless and transcend their mass, to see them dance as they join other industrial objects. This gives them a complete rebirth into a joyful freedom from their original purpose and function. Thus creating a whole new point of view of how things can change with just a little imagination, allowing one to see and feel the transformation symbolic of what many of us are personally going through, similar life changes.”

Connecting with Doug Lapham was the final puzzle piece Jonas needed to actualize his vision. He started by collecting as many used tools and machine parts as he could. In Doug’s workshop, the collaborative process to create the sculptures came naturally. “Doug has a very good eye for composition. He understands the important concept of balance when it comes to working with steel objects and creating the spatial relationships of the individual pieces, welding them together to create a sense of movement and flow in the finished artwork.” After being welded, the sculptures were sand blasted, primed and painted in various finishes with some receiving a shimmering, pearlescent coat.

The sculptures can be seen seven days a week in Jonas’ fine art gallery at Riverview Station-Studio #144, in the River Arts District, throughout the months of October and November, 2016.

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