Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Storytelling for Business Owners conference premieres in October

A conference dedicated to helping business leaders use storytelling—the world's oldest and most vital tool for sparking connection—is launching this fall in Asheville. The “Bonfire AVL: Storytelling for Business Success Conference” will be held on October 27th and 28th at the Goodwill Corporate Training Center. This dynamic, two-day event will be an elevated learning experience as practical as it is inspiring.
Bonfire AVL will tap into the undeniable power of human emotion, harnessing storytelling for professional success. Through compelling storytelling, business and nonprofit leaders hold the power to transform routine communications into stories that inspire and excite. Bonfire AVL will demonstrate that stories connect us in ways that numbers and charts never could. The effective storytelling taught at Bonfire AVL will spark real business results: committed stakeholders, greater sales, consistent messaging and marketing, and engaged clients.
Conference participants will hear from professionally diverse and experienced speakers who are also master storytellers. With an emphasis on collaboration, participants will work alongside workshop facilitators to find authentic stories that will engage their target audiences, excite customers and staff, and align with the organization’s social media, online content, merchandising, and marketing.
The team behind this new conference consists of great storytellers, local business leaders, and international success stories. It includes national storytelling pioneer Connie Regan Blake; arts entrepreneur and poetryteller, James Nave; global thought leader and musician, David Lamotte; LEAF Executive Director and domain changer, Jennifer Pickering; founder of Asheville’s JB Media Institute, Justin Belleme; writer, CEO and chief brand strategist of Kudzu Brands, Murphy Funkhouser Capps; and Clio award-winning global brand storyteller, Tish Vallés.
To lean more, visit http://www.bonfiresessions.com

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